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Ethereum Classic Crypto Coin Rank 25
146,412,729 ETC

Ethereum Classic
Ethereum Classic
ETC Coin Values ETC

Ethereum Classic valuesUSD 价钱
$ 33.30

Ethereum Classic BTC 价钱

Ethereum Classic 24小时
$ 245,817,397

Ethereum Classic 市值
$ 4,874,820,052

3,606 BTC
1 H
1.35 %
24 H
0.98 %
7 d
-0.80 %
今天 Ethereum Classic 目前以美元计价 33.30 USD, 如果转换为 Bitcoin 0.00048839 BTC. 总计 146,412,729 ETC 目前正在市场上流传。 Ethereum Classic 价格目前正在经历变化 0.98 %, 校验 所有加密货币. 过去24小时 2.458 M US dollars Ethereum Classic 已被交易 加密交换. 得到 Ethereum Classic's 通过将其添加到您的 最爱 并创造一个免费的 投资组合.
Ethereum Classic
BTC 价钱
0.00048839 BTC
BTC 市场
71,506 BTC
BTC 24h Vol
3,606 BTC
146,412,729 ETC
1.35 %
0.98 %
-0.80 %
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Ethereum Classic Crypto Technology


Ethereum Classic Crypto Market


Ethereum Classic Crypto ICO Description

Ethereum Classic is an attempt at keeping the Ethereum blockchain unaltered by the part of the community that opposed the hard fork and the return of The DAO funds. It started trading on Poloniex and is getting more and more traction.

The Ethereum Classic mission statement is:

"We believe in decentralized, censorship-resistant, permissionless blockchains. We believe in the original vision of Ethereum as a world computer you can't shut down, running irreversible smart contracts. We believe in a strong separation of concerns, where system forks are only possible in order to correct actual platform bugs, not to bail out failed contracts and special interests. We believe in censorship-resistant platform that can be actually trusted - by anyone."

Our block explorer data: total coins supply, total network hash rate, last block number and total difficulty are freely provided by

In 2017, the Die Hard fork was implemented in ETC, removing the Ethereum difficulty bomb. Currently, there are no plans to move to Proof of Stake like Ethereum, although developers at the IOHK institute are developing a new PoS protocol for Ethereum Classic.


Ethereum Classic Crypto Technology

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Ethereum Classic Crypto Features

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